Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mohawks Rox

So this is my firs post! So what do you write on these thingies!?!
I ges i'll say what happend today. I just did * 9 test. I was the 2nd person who finished. Hannah beat me! We were suposed to finish tomorro, but I'm so darn smart. I'm #2 first the worst 2nd the best. Anny way, I'm so proud of myself because i finished before Mathew Chen. (The smartist kid in school.) I finaly Hootie and Josh the High School Musical sound track. They were going to kill me if i didn't bring it today. ( At least they were going to try to. Who can take on someone with these guns shoot.) Well I got to go, my mom wants to go on bye.


Blogger tyler said...

you look uggg

from hannah

1:48 PM  

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